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Customer Essentials

Resources aimed to support your journey with us.

We strive for accuracy and that means customer information is updated and maintained -- this helps avoid confusion and future mishaps.


Customer Form

Take the first step in making sure we meet your expectations with precision and care. By filling out this form, you provide us with the essential information needed to tailor our services to your specific needs and preferences.

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We ship direct and customers can expect delivers righ to their doors or closest depot.


Shipping Instruction form

This form will help streamline your shipping process. Whether it's special handling, preferred delivery dates, or additional delivery instructions, your input is invaluable in making sure your package arrives just the way you want it. Let's get started on making your shipping experience as smooth as possible!

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Potting guides and conversions -- a gardeners essential math.


Potting Guides & Conversions

Need help with some numbers? Don't worry, we've included a few easy-to-follow general guides for you. These handy growing mix potting guides, dilution instructions, and conversion charts are all designed to help you nurture your green space with precision and care.

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